About Me

Greetings! I’m Abhishek Gupta, an accomplished Test Automation Engineer with a remarkable 7-year journey in the software industry. My career has been a testament to my commitment to excellence, having successfully created and implemented test automation solutions for diverse web and mobile applications.

Technical Mastery

  • Programming Languages: Proficient in JAVA and Python, allowing me to craft efficient automation scripts.
  • Database Expertise: Skilled in SQL and Redis, ensuring comprehensive and meticulous database testing.
  • End-to-End Testing: Seasoned in both Frontend and Backend Testing, accumulating 4 and 5 years of invaluable experience.
  • Dynamic Frameworks: Proficiently utilizing a range of testing frameworks including Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, Rest Assured, Robot, and Sikuli.
  • Strategic Test Runners: Proficient in TestNG, Junit, and Jenkins, ensuring seamless test execution and robust reporting.
  • Versatile Testing Utilities: Well-acquainted with tools such as Genymotion, BurpSuite, PostMan, ModHeader, ZenMate, FoxyProxy, and HTTP toolkit for comprehensive testing needs.
  • Performance Prowess: Experienced in Performance Testing and Monitoring with Apache JMeter, New Relic, OpenSearch, and AWS CloudWatch.
  • Version Control Savvy: Proficient in GIT and SVN for seamless collaboration and version control.
  • Holistic Test Management: Utilizing Confluence, JIRA, TestRail, Excel for efficient defect tracking, documentation, and test management.
  • Cloud Capabilities: Hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services, contributing to cloud-based testing solutions.

    Leadership and Collaboration

    Beyond technical excellence, my leadership prowess has been a cornerstone of my journey. As a Team Leader, I have had the privilege of guiding, mentoring, and leading cross-functional teams. My commitment to mentorship extends to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of innovation and growth.

    Hiring Vision

    My hands-on experience in the hiring process has allowed me to curate teams of exceptional individuals who share the same dedication to quality and excellence.

    Agile Synergy

    Aligned with the Agile software development process, I seamlessly navigate both Kanban and Scrum methodologies. My ability to adapt to fast-paced environments ensures streamlined defect triage, enhanced communication, and seamless integration.

    The Human Touch

    Driven by a powerful blend of motivation and attention to detail, I am not only an individual contributor but also a dedicated team player. My experience working effectively with cross-functional teams ensures collaborative and successful project outcomes.

    Manual Testing Expertise

    My proficiency extends to the manual testing realm as well. With deep expertise in frontend, backend, API testing, as well as mobile and web platforms, I offer comprehensive and meticulous Service Level Testing to guarantee a holistic quality assurance approach.

Join Me in Excellence

I am eager to bring my multifaceted experience, technical prowess, leadership acumen, and meticulous attention to detail to your esteemed company. Together, we can elevate your testing goals and achieve unprecedented success.

Let’s connect to discuss how we can collaboratively contribute to your projects. Feel free to reach me at your@email.com.